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16 March 2007: 29,160 claims received, 29,160 decided (100%); and 28,533 claims implemented (97,9%). The Commission will meet in March 2007.
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HPCC Final Report

Notice to claimants who had their claims dismissed

Notice to claimants to get in touch with the HPD


This message is the first in a series of regular messages from us at the newly established Kosovo Property Agency (“KPA”). The KPA was established on 4 March 2006 under UNMIK Regulation 2006/10, as an independent body. It is mandated to resolve claims resulting from the armed conflict that occurred between 27 February 1998 and 20 June 1999 in respect of private immovable property, including agricultural and commercial property.

Please be informed that under UNMIK Regulation 2006/10, the Housing and Property Directorate (“HPD”) its staff and assets are subsumed into the KPA. The KPA therefore assumes responsibility for the implementation of all residential property claims that were pending with the HPD on 4 March 2006, and it will ensure their resolution in an effective and expeditious manner. Further, the Housing and Property Claims Commission (“HPCC”) will continue to decide the small number of remaining claims that are currently pending before it.

In relation to the KPA’s mandate to receive claims relating to private immovable property, including agricultural and commercial property, we will commence with claims intake on 3 April 2006, at offices designated by the KPA inside Kosovo, and at office outside Kosovo when endorsed by the domestic authorities.

Please find attached UNMIK Regulation 2006/10 for your information and note that more detailed legislation will follow when approved by UNMIK. We are presently undertaking the necessary arrangements to implement the mandate, which includes the provision of training for our personnel, the recruitment of additional personnel and the procurement of equipment. We have commenced a public awareness campaign on the KPA and to date we have held meetings with the representatives of the minority community and participated in interviews with national media (including RTS). Further, we are organizing pubic information meetings throughout Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia proper with the representatives of IDP organizations, NGOs and other key entities. On the technical side, we are working on establishing a website for the KPA.

We will be in touch regularly with more detailed information on the way forward, in particular on the mandate of the KPA, the claims intake and the public information meetings. We welcome the collaboration and cooperation from everyone that this undertaking, which has been conferred on the KPA, both deserves and requires in order to be implemented successfully.

Knut Røsandhaug


HPD plan its evictions in collaboration with law enforcement agencies and makes weekly forecasts. The plan is regularly forwarded the PISG for information. By clicking the date below, you will access the municipal break down of the evictions planed for that week.

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What is HPD?

What is HPD's mandate? What we can and cannot do.

Frequently asked questions

Why does it take so long to process my claim? What options do successful claimants have? Can claims still be filed today with the HPD?

Answers to these and other questions.


HPD's search engine

Coming to one of our offices to get an update on the claims' status is no longer necessary. It can now be done simply by inserting the claim number in HPD's search engine, located on the top right corner of this page.

Glossary of HPD terms

The meaning of terms such as "administration" , "eviction", "repossession", "closure", etc. in the context of the HPDs operations.


HPD's "Hot Line"

If you prefer to use the phone and contact HPD's Information Center, you may do so from monday to friday (8.30-17.30) and Saturdays (10.00- 17.30). There is also a dedicated HPD telephone line available only to parties to a claim at:

+ 381 (0) 38 249 936

Missing claimants

The claims closed on 1 July 2003. Since, a significant number of claimants changed their contact details without informing HPD.
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