1. What does it mean if you receive notification from KPA?

If you receive notification from KPA about a claim, this means that somebody else is claiming to have a legal right to the property you currently are using. Please be aware of the fact that even if someone else has filed a claim for the property, this does not automatically mean they have any property rights in the property.

2. What should you do if you receive notification about a claim from KPA?

If you have received notification from the KPA that a claim has been filled for the property you are now using and/or believe you have any property rights to, you must contact any office of KPA within 30 days upon the receipt of the notification if you want to contest the claim and/or become a party to the claim.

3. What does it mean to become a party to the claim?

By becoming a party to the KPA claim you will have the right to present information, documentation, and evidence to KPA in order to prove that you are the owner or have a legal right to use the claimed property. You will also be notified about the further processing of the claim. In addition you will have right to file an appeal to the Supreme Court of Kosovo throught the KPA against the decision that will be issued by the Kosovo Property Claims Commission (KPCC) if you disagree with the decision. By becoming a party you will get the status as “respondent” to the claim.

4. What do you need to do in order to become a party to the claim?

In order for you to contest the claim and/or become party to the claim you need to deliver a Notice of Participation form to any of our offices within 30 days upon the receipt of the notification. All KPA offices have officers who can assist you with completing the form

5. Which documents should you present?

If you wish to contest the claim you should provide the KPA with documents proving your rights to the property. These documents may include:
Contract on Sale
Possession List
Court Decision on determination of rights to real property
Signed declaration by the seller or witness
Copy of Cadastral Plan
Cadastral Certificate or other cadastre documents
Allocation Decision
Contract on Use
Lease Agreement
Inheritance Decision in case the property right holder is deceased
Utility Bills
Taxation Records
Temporary permit issued by a public authority or the property right holder

Any other documents which prove your property right

6. What happens next?

30 days after you have been notified of the claim, the KPA will start to process the claim. The KPA will investigate all information given by you as “the respondent” and by the other person who has filed a claim for the property (the claimant). This includes verification of documents presented by all parties. In addition the KPA may conduct searches in the property records.

Once a claim for the property has been fully investigated it will be presented to the independent Kosovo Property Claims Commission for a decision (KPCC).

The KPCC will make a decision accepting or rejecting the claim submitted by “the claimant”.

7. Is there a right to appeal?

If you disagree with the decision issued by the Kosovo Property Claims Commission you have a right of appeal to the Supreme Court of Kosovo throught the KPA. Final decisions of the KPCC or in case of appeal, decisions of the Supreme Court of Kosovo are binding and enforceable and shall not be reviewed by any other judicial or administrative authority in Kosovo
The KPA will implement the decision made by the KPCC or in case of appeal by the Supreme Court of Kosovo

8. Do you need further assistance?

If you want to find out more about your rights or you need help with becoming a party to a claim you may contact any office of KPA. The agency has designated staff that will be able to help you.

9. Other ways to find out if a property is claimed with the KPA?

A list of claims submitted to the KPA are regularly published and made available in all municipalities and local courts. You can also search electronically for published claimed properties at the web page http://www.kpaonline.org/SearchSC/frmSearch.aspx

Please note that there is a time delay for the published lists of claimed properties, so a claim may have been filed for a property even if it is not listed in these lists

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